I’ve worked as a psychiatrist for the last forty years. Twelve years ago I became fascinated by the possibilities of photography and now rarely go anywhere without a camera. I enjoy the hunt for that moment of mystery, surprise, and humor in my everyday life. I seek unplanned and unposed images that hint to a larger story, like a publicity still from some forgotten movie. These fragments of fictional stories are drawn from the real world in an odd coupling of my unconscious, my intentions, and chance.

SEVENTY, 2013 is published in two different sizes.
SEVENTY eBook is available free.


My photographs have appeared in several street photography publications including these books:
Street or Studio
black and white candids
Venus Street
The Street Photographer’s Manual
100 Great Street Photographs

Group Shows:
Format International Photography Festival, 2011
London Festival of Photography- International Street Photography Finalists Show, 2012
London Festival of Photography- Burn My Eye Collective Show, 2012
Third Floor Gallery, Cardiff, Wales- Burn My Eye Collective Show, 2012
Common Ground: New American Street Photography, New Orleans Photo Alliance, 2013
Common Ground: New American Street Photography, drkrm gallery, Los Angeles, 2013
Fotoura Street Award Finalists, London, 2014
Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai, 2014
Street Parade, Paris, 2014
Eye2Eye, San Francisco, 2016

Individual Shows:
Urban Legends, San Francisco, 2016

International Competition Awards:
Co-winner of the Street Photography Now Project, 2011.
Winner of the Reality Remade competition organized by Street Reverb Magazine, 2011.
Finalist of the International Street Photography award, 2012.
Finalist of the Fotoura International Street Photography award, 2014.

I am a member of the street photography collective Burn My Eye.

All photographs displayed on this website are © Jack Simon unless stated otherwise.